The growing UAV industry has given rise to many potential businesses.

The result is an exponential demand for newly trained pilots.

Become part of this future with FlyingBasket Academy!

We are creating the next generation of certified drone pilots.

The world of drones is growing and with it, the demand for certified and trained pilots.

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What do we do?

Here's how FB Academy can help you achieve your professional goals. At FB Academy you will find advanced training courses. Our instructors are experienced aviation and UAS pilots.

What are you waiting for? Become a pilot and start flying!

Open A2 Course

Do you want to be able to fly in an urban environment with a drone weighing up to 2kg? Discover the course programme and available places here!

Specific VLOS scenarios course

Do you want to fly a UAS from 250g up to 25kg on IT-STS01 and IT-STS02 scenarios in urban or suburban scenarios in the vicinity of sensitive facilities and in the presence of uninvolved people?

Discover the course programme and available places here!