Open A2 Theoretical Course
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Open A2 Course

The Open A2 theory course is designed for those who already hold the A1/A3* certificate and wish to continue their training and specialise in the field of drones.

You will have at your side experienced instructors in the field who will follow you step by step until you achieve the knowledge you need to take the exam.

* or hold a remote pilot certificate for non-critical operations issued before 31 December 2020 according to national regulations

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Course programme

The Open A2 theory course will cover the following modules:


Flight Performance and Planning

Technical Operational Mitigation and Risk Management

Mission Preparation

Course delivery method

You can follow the course from anywhere, as it is completely online. It lasts 10 hours (over two days).

You will have access to the course material so that you can follow and take notes during the course and for revision before the exam.


This theoretical course is for you if:

  • You would like to be able to carry out operations up to 50m from uninvolved people in drone operations over 0.500Kg up to 2Kg;

  • You would like to continue to specialise and become a qualified drone pilot and being able to fly in the Specific category.

What are you waiting for? Become a pilot and start flying!

Requirements for taking the examination

Valid A1/A3 certificate

If it has expired, renew it, but be careful! At least 15 (calendar) days must have passed since the renewal date.

Being an Italian citizen in possession of the SPID

The SPID will be used to register and authenticate you on the ENAC website.

Completion of practical training

At the time of registration on the ENAC website, you must declare that you have completed the practical training accordingly to the conditions laid down for the Open A3 category and specified in point UAS.OPEN.040 of EU Reg. 2020/639.

Payment of the ENAC fees

You will have to pay the fee of € 31.00 directly from the official ENAC website.

Register,buy the course and take the exam.

Become a pilot and start flying!


Do I also have to take a practical test to take the examination? 

We do not speak of a practical examination but of a declaration of completion of practical training in accordance with the conditions laid down for the Open A3 category and as specified in point UAS.OPEN.040 of King EU 2020/693;

I am a minor, can I attend the course and take the examination?

If a minor (16-17 years old), the candidate must have the consent of the parent/legal guardian (to be validated) and carry out an appropriate validation procedure on the portal;

Can I take the exam online?

The exam must be taken in proctored mode, which means that you will have to go to an office of a recognised entity (such as ours) and take the exam on the ENAC portal in the presence of a proctor;

How many attempts do I have at my disposal?

The candidate has a maximum of 5 attempts.  If he fails the 5th attempt, he may take a new examination under the following conditions: 

  • 15 days have elapsed since the last failed attempt

  • The candidate has made a new request on the Enac portal;

  • The candidate has made another payment of the 31.00 euro fee on the Enac portal

  • The candidate has re-registered for another examination session directly from our website